HAPPO Friday … Let’s Light this Candle

For nearly 20 years, words and images have been my stock-in-trade. In fact, four words in particular have guided my entire career: “Tell me a story … ”

As communicators, that about sums up what we’re called to do, doesn’t it? So, that’s what I’ve done. (Want the whole story? Check out my resume in the right-hand column.)

I’m a communications pro with broad industry experience, ranging from print and digital journalism to photography, design, social media, corporate and crisis communications and marketing. Whether working for a Fortune 500 company or a small non-profit, I have a solid track record of directing internal and external communications programs as well as counseling senior management on communications issues. I am an idea-laden, research-crazed team player who thrives in a collaborative, cross-functional environment. International experience? I have that too.

For the past dozen years, I’ve managed internal communications at two of the world’s most respected companies: Southwest Airlines, which was named by FORTUNE magazine as “America’s Best Company to Work For” the year I rolled into town (coincidence? you decide) and Alcon Laboratories, the world’s largest and most respected eye care company with offices in 75 countries around the globe. I’ve crafted speeches for CEOs, developed PowerPoint presentations, and toiled on Web sites; I’ve spoken about branding and the importance of integrated communications at national conferences; I’ve managed people and projects; and I’ve had photographs and articles published in newspapers and magazines around the world.

I’m passionate about this industry, and I’m ready to jump in with both feet. Bonus: I’m good at lifting heavy boxes, and have been known to bring in bagels and donuts from time to time.

To wrap this up, here are a few highlights from my CV (again, at right), and a few things you won’t find in that document:

  • While at Southwest, I was hugged and/or kissed by company founder Herb Kelleher a few more times than I was comfortable with.
  • As a newspaper reporter right out of college, I once spilled a bowl of chili on a U.S. Representative’s boots. A few months later, I managed to land an interview with him while we were sitting in adjacent barber chairs. Thankfully, he never mentioned the chili.
  • Speaking of food, I’ve tasted putrified shark in Iceland, but I passed on the horse entree while on a business trip in Switzerland.
  • Writing, photography and graphic design are my strengths. They’re also my hobbies. (Click the “Writing” tab at top for samples, or check out my Flickr photostream at right.)

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